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FO: Cotton Baby Socks

I knitted this pair of baby socks for my friend’s little girl, Marianne, in Singapore. And because it’s always warm in Singapore (hot and humid in fact) I decided to go with cotton yarn. I had some nice Drops Safran left over, which conveniently was in the colours that Marianne’s mum was decorating the nursery with: white and yellow.

I went with my own gut instict regarding the pattern (it’s pretty straightforward after all) and just cast on 44 stitches initially. I think the yellow accents give the socks a really nice, chic edge.

And here’s the collection of items I knitted for Marianne, I’ve previously blogged about them here and here.

3 thoughts on “FO: Cotton Baby Socks

  1. I love the socks … they are so cute. Cotton will be very good in that environment. Also love the quilt and bonnet. You are so clever. Love your knitting.

  2. Very cute socks! I love the yellow accents! They go well with the other baby items.

  3. love these!
    the mustard tips/heels are just the right punch of color!!
    (or colour, as it were…)

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