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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 2nd January

A squirrel sunning itself in the big tree at the back of our house…looks comfortable.

Tuesday, 3rd January

Torrential rain, nice start to 2012, it can only get better!

Wednesday, 4th January

New shoes for Luke, I loved the little sausage dog.

Thursday, 5th January

‘What is this?’ Luke’s wondering…the cheeky monkey.

Friday, 6th January

Beautifully coloured houses in Hampstead.


Saturday, 7th January

Our bare Christmas tree, we’ll see how it does on the balcony.

Sunday, 8th January

Doing the recycling.

Inspired by Just Shell.

3 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments

  1. Lovely pics Anna, especially the happy little squirrel and those bonza sausage dog shoes.

  2. That photo of Lucas looking in the toilet is gorgeous. How cute is that squirrel and I love the new shoes … very cute. At least you will have that tree again for Christmas next year. Nice Photos.

  3. oh i love squirrels! they’re my favorite of the animals!!
    but then we get to the toilet picture and i think it will be my favorite… but *then* i see the recycling-helper and i know i have no chance of picking just one favorite this week! 🙂

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