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WIP Wednesday

I’ve been busy knitting away at a cardigan for a friends daughter, and she actually ‘ordered’ it from me at the Christmas market, where we shared the stall. It’s a cardigan that I knitted before, in fact I knitted the exact same purple and pink colour combination. This was when we thought we were having a girl, so Luke hasn’t worn it yet, but I think he might one day. Purple is not that bad on a boy, right?

It’s actually a really easy knit as it’s all knitted in garter stitch. It takes a while to knit the sleeves, once they’re cast on, as therer are 226 stitches. But I do manage to knit it while Luke is playing or napping, so that’s pretty good.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. the sweater’s looking good!

    (and i totally think boys can wear purple!)

  2. Purple is fine on a boy, I don’t think it’s that bad at all. Some people would say not, but I don’t think it matters these days. We seem less set in the pink for boys and blue for girls thing.

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