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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 26th December

The box for our Christmas decorations, I think I might have to get a bigger box, because we got some new ones this year.

Tuesday, 27th December

A visit from Heidy, Jay and little Sophia.


Wednesday, 28th December

Wonderful colour in the blue December sky.

Thursday, 29th December

Waiting at the front door.

Friday, 30th December

Looking in the mirror…and wondering who the other baby is.

Saturday, 31st December

Playing the piano!

Sunday, 1st January 2012


Inspired by Just Shell.

2 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments

  1. he looks so small and sweet waiting by the door… and that last photo is completely adorable!!

  2. Love the photo of your little boy sitting in front of the door. That is such a great photo. Who plays the piano?

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