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FO: Grandpa Waistcoat (on Luke)

I was able to finish the the little grandpa waistcoat for Luke yesterday and did a little photoshoot with him today. But before I give you the pictures of my gorgeous little man in his new waistcoat, here are some details about the project and some initial pictures without him in it.

I showed you the start of what I was knitting last WIP Wednesday and here is now the finished piece. It’s another DROPS pattern, one of their new ones for 2012.  It was a real joy to knit, apart from me forgetting the button holes at one point and having to undo a fair chunk of what I’d knitted. Also, I miscounted the stitches I needed for the two front pieces and the back piece, so, there are two additional stitches on the left front piece. But, to be honest, it’s not really noticeable at all.

The pockets are knitted later, where slits are left when knitting up, and aren’t really proper pockets. It’s not like Luke is really going to be using the pockets :-). I did decide to knit a size up, so instead of knitting the 12-18 months size I went with the 2 year size. And you know what, I actually think it works really well. This will be part of Luke’s outfit for his birthday party, and I’ve bought a little shirt as well…he’ll look even more adorable then he does anyway!

And now, the results of mine and Luke’s photo shoot this morning.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 23rd January

Luke and Myron ‘cooking’!

Tuesday, 24th January

A bird on the big tree at the back of our flat…I just loved the contrast.

Wednesday, 25th January

First nappy order from Amazon has arrived, we’ve signed up to Subscribe & Save, which will be very handy.

Thursday, 26th January

A glorious day!

Friday, 27th January

My new phone, the Blackberry Bold 9900.

Saturday, 28th January

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, we’re looking for a new house/flat there…so keep your fingers crossed for us that we find something nice.

Sunday, 29th January

Playing with the lamp.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: Kindle Sleeve

Here’s something I whipped up for my lovely husband for Christmas, a Kindle cover.

I looked around on Raverly for an easy patter for a while, and there’s one I was able to find. But then in the end I decided to just make it up…and I used a newly-learned skill and added cables to this Kindle sleeve.

And I’m rather pleased with it. My husband was really proudly using a jiffy bag and I just thought that wouldn’t do and this seemed a nice quick project that I finished in a couple of hours, just before Christmas. He tells me he likes it, and it also acts as a sort of wedge to hold his Kindle up when he’s using it.

I also managed to find a nice covered black button that finishes the whole thing off nicely.

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FO: Purple, Girly Cardigan

I’ve given you a brief view of this cardigan when I showed it to you during one WIP Wednesday…and I’m happy to say that I finished it last week and here it is in all its glory.

As you can probably see it’s  all knitted in garter stitch, which makes it a quick knit, or so I thought. the fact that the sleeves are quite long and both of them are knitted with the body for some time, makes it a longer project. Nonetheless I still enjoyed it…like all the DROPS patterns.

I like the colour and it’s actually modelled on a cardigan I knitted for Luke, or rather for our munchkin before we knew it was a boy. So, it was also purple with this girly pink border and he’s never yet worn it. But that doesn’t matter as I’ve kept it safe for number two, as and when we decide to head down that road.

As I mentioned, the sleeves are really rather long, but that’s because they’re folded over and it also means that the cardigan can probably be used much longer. I made it for my friends little girl Isla, she’s just turned one, but I made the two year size so that it would fit longer.

I did change the pattern slightly and bordered the button holes with the pink. I think it works really well and just adds a little bit of extra cuteness. But, wait until you see gorgeous Isla in the cardigan, she looks adorable, don’t you agree?

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got a new project on my needles…and I’m really enjoying it. Even though I’ve already made one mistake and had to frog it a little bit, silly me forgot to include one of the button holes. But I’m almost back to the point at which I realised my mistake.

And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s another DROPS pattern. Am I becoming too predictable, always knitting DROPS patterns? Maybe I should branch out more. My lovely husband gave me a subscription to The Knitter for Christmas, so I’m sure there’ll be something in there soon that will inspire me.

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Something Updated

Today, I’m able to finally give you an update on my Etsy shop. I’ve still got a little bit of work to do with the header, don’t you think?

And now here are the items I’ve listed, all of them made to order. What do you think? Am I pricing things right? I’m never sure, it’s the one thing that I’m always confused about.

Finally, here’s the link to my shop:

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Seven Little Moments

Apologies for the short hiatus, we’ve been rather busy over here in the Prasad household…but should be back to normal now.

Monday 16th January

Luke’s new walker has arrived.

Tuesday, 17th January

Snuggled up warm for a trip outside.

Wednesday, 18th January

View from the Royal Free Hospital.

Thursday, 19th January

Happy 11 months to my gorgeous boy (only another months until he’s a year old, I can hardly believe it).

Friday, 20th January

My boy in a box.

Saturday, 21st January

Toy mayhem.


Sunday, 22nd January

Empty Kilburn Grange Park on a rainy and grey Sunday.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: Avatrix (with a gorgeous Girl)

Here’s another Aviatrix I knitted up while I was in Australia.

I want to say again how I really LOVE this pattern, it’s such a great write up, and it can be found here.

And look at this gorgeous little girl wearing her new hat:

You might remember this is gorgeous Sofia, who received one of the green hoodies I knitted…but doesn’t she look gorgeous.