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FO: ‘Red Hot’ Footed Trousers

Here’s a pair of footed trousers I knitted about this time last year when I was still pregnant. At that point we were kind of sure that we were having a boy, but I decided that red would work on a boy or a girl.

This is from a Debbie Bliss book that I was given by a friend and colleague from America. I can’t remember which exact one it is, and to be honest I can’t be bothered walking in the other room, getting the book and looking for it. Yes, it’s been one of those days, probably not helped by the fact that I’m not feeling too hot. Nevermind :-).

I also remember knitting with a much thicker yarn, which meant that I had to unpick it a few times as the size never seemed to work out properly. However, I’m very pleased with the finished piece. It’s a really nice, warm pair of trousers.

It called for an icord drawstring at the top, which is a nice touch, but I think next time I would change that. They just keeps falling off when Luke is wearing them.

I finally had the chance to put them on Luke and he seemed somewhat comfortable in them. However, as he’s a busy little crawler at the moment he was sliding a fair bit on our wooden floors…so wasn’t too pleased about that. Also, it’s just gotten much warmer again here, so these are probably just a little bit too warm for him at the moment. But I’m sure we’ll get colder weather again and then he can wear them.

And here’s a picture of the pair of trousers (and Luke in them) from the back…you’ve gotta love that little butt!

4 thoughts on “FO: ‘Red Hot’ Footed Trousers

  1. Nice pants …… they look nice and warm …. look great on your little one too. It’s lovely to see knitted things on your baby. I find that people don’t knit baby things the way they used to, or even put them on their babies the way they used to.

  2. The perfect little Elf. Merry Christmas from the not so sunshine of OZ.

  3. I love those trousers! Another thing I always meant to knit for Rose and never did. 🙁

  4. oh holy cuteness… these are the sweetest, most adorable pants i’ve ever seen in my life!
    you win.

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