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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 19th December

The Christmas Tree at the O2 Center in Finchley Road.

Tuesday, 20th December

Luke’s been through my wallet again…

Wednesday, 21st December

Thankfully we put the cot lower last week, he’s now busy standing up in it whenever he can.


Thursday, 22nd December

I’m loving the new West Hampstead train station!

Friday, 23rd December

Lunch at Pizza Express and Luke’s flirting with a little 2-year old girl.

Saturday, 24th December

Frohe Weihnachten! In Germany we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so we opened presents with Luke.

Sunday, 25th December

Christmas with good friends, stuffed after lunch.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: ‘Red Hot’ Footed Trousers

Here’s a pair of footed trousers I knitted about this time last year when I was still pregnant. At that point we were kind of sure that we were having a boy, but I decided that red would work on a boy or a girl.

This is from a Debbie Bliss book that I was given by a friend and colleague from America. I can’t remember which exact one it is, and to be honest I can’t be bothered walking in the other room, getting the book and looking for it. Yes, it’s been one of those days, probably not helped by the fact that I’m not feeling too hot. Nevermind :-).

I also remember knitting with a much thicker yarn, which meant that I had to unpick it a few times as the size never seemed to work out properly. However, I’m very pleased with the finished piece. It’s a really nice, warm pair of trousers.

It called for an icord drawstring at the top, which is a nice touch, but I think next time I would change that. They just keeps falling off when Luke is wearing them.

I finally had the chance to put them on Luke and he seemed somewhat comfortable in them. However, as he’s a busy little crawler at the moment he was sliding a fair bit on our wooden floors…so wasn’t too pleased about that. Also, it’s just gotten much warmer again here, so these are probably just a little bit too warm for him at the moment. But I’m sure we’ll get colder weather again and then he can wear them.

And here’s a picture of the pair of trousers (and Luke in them) from the back…you’ve gotta love that little butt!

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got two projects to show you today. One of them is a mystery Christmas one, and its the second time I’m doing cables, I love them! I’m quite pleased I decided to knit this project as I’m finally using a ball of black wool…I don’t normally have any use for black wool. I just can’t make black baby clothes.

The second project is a bigger pair of my booties for my best friend Kerstin’s little boy Tom. She’s ordered them from me, so I need to get a move on and finish them.

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Seven Little Moments

This is my 180th post, can you believe it?

Monday, 12th December

Let loose in Waterstones at the O2 Center at Finchley Road.

Tuesday, 13th December

Christmas post, ready to be posted!

Wednesday, 14th December

Playdate with Emily.

Thursday, 15th December

Myron and Luke sharing some food…note how Luke sits under the highchair…I thought it was too funny.

Friday, 16th December

Finding leftovers from breakfast…another trip under the table.

Saturday, 17th December

Lunch at Cafe Rouge in St. John’s Wood, paper camera picture taken by Papa.

Sunday, 18th December

Our live Christmas tree (yes those are real candles, and don’t worry, in 30 years of Christmas trees with real candles, we’ve never had a fire).

Inspired by Just Shell.

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got two projects today, one was started at the Christmas market on Saturday. It’s a mitten for Luke:

You might notice that I left a hole for a thumb…I had actually knitted in the thumb and it simply didn’t work. Luke was very uncomfortable when I tried to push his little thumb into the glove and even though I used the right amount of stitches it was just too small. So, I’ve decided not to add a thumb, which means frogging up to the point where the current hole for the thumb is. It’s a little annoying, but I think the mitten (and its partner) will get more wear out of them if they’re thumbless.

The second project is one of the three orders from the Christmas market, a scarf for a 1-year old. The guy who ordered it saw me knitting the mitten and liked the yarn so much that he chose that for the scarf.