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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 14th November

On the second leg, Singapore to Sydney.

Tuesday, 15th November

Lunch with Grandma.

Wednesday, 16th November

Day out.

Thursday, 17th November

View over Sydney, unfortunately it was raining that day.

Friday, 18th November

View from the air of Palm Beach (where Home and Away is filmed), on our way to Byron Bay.

Saturday, 19th November

Dinner at Le Petit Snail in Byron Bay, where Luke promptly fell asleep during dinner.

Sunday, 20th November

Barbecue breakfast, Anil is in heaven!

Inspired by Just Shell.

2 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments

  1. Welcome to Australia …. have a lovely holiday.

  2. looks like a wonderful week!
    love the idea of grilling breakfast… why haven’t i thought of that before!?!?

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