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WIP Wednesday

I’ve had to finish off some work today, so just took a pretty crappy picture of my work on progress:

This is the vest I started off last week for Luke. I’ve still not managed to finish it, but I am very close. I made a mistake on the back piece and had to undo some rows again. No biggie, but a little annoying. I’ve been busy otherwise, preparing for our upcoming trip to Australia. We’re leaving on Saturday and are very excited.

I’ve loved knitting this vest and I’m in love with cables now, I think I’ll probably be knitting lots more cables, now that I know how easy they are.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Resistance is futile! First it’s cables, then it’ll be bobbles… 😉

    Have a lovely time in Australia, BTW. I am not at all jealous. 😛

  2. love the cables!! gorgeous!!

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