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FO: Tiny Baby Hat

A tiny baby hat (I believe it was actually too small for the baby that received it) for my best friends little man Tom (one of Luke’s best friends).

I used some leftover turqouise sock yarn that works really well and remember knitting this in an evening or so. It’s a shame it was too small for Tom, but next time I would probably add some stitches or use thicker yarn to make sure that it fits!

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 21st November

This is how my brother-in-law, Vijay spreads peanut butter…I thought it was really funny!

Tuesday, 22nd November

Luke’s first ever trip to the beach, he loved it!

Wednesday, 23rd November

Enjoying the Byron Bay sunshine.

Thursday, 24th November

The bikes we hired and were only able to ride twice (from and to the hire place) as it started pouring down with rain.

Friday, 25th November

Lunch in Byron Bay before we headed back to Sydney.

 Saturday, 26th November

Lunch at my husband’s cousins (Krissie) house at Springwood in the Blue Mountains. Luke felt right at home. Krissie is in the process of making Pavlova, the first one I’ve ever had, and it was absolutely delicious.

Sunday, 27th November

Visit to Australiana Pioneer Village (see Sunday Snippets) and I just loved this poster!

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: Sleeping Bag

Here’s a sewing FO, I used to do a lot of sewing mainly for myself, but haven’t really done a lot since Luke was born. This is probably because it’s not as convenient as knitting. It means getting out the sewing maching from the cupboard, putting it out on the table and actually sitting there to sew. Knitting I can just do in front of the television, or when Luke is playing. Nonetheless, here’s a sleeping bag I made for Luke before he arrived.

It’s from a Burda pattern (9640), difficulty: easy, which I have used twice before to make sleeping bags for my niece Clara (I blogged about it here). It’s a really nice project that is whipped up in a couple of hours and like I said in the previous post linked above it calls for two materials without wadding, but I used cotton wadding inside.

You can see that the choice of fabric is probably just a tiny bit feminine, that’s because we were originally told by four sonographers that we were having a boy, and when we went for a private scan we were told that we were definitely having a boy. I don’t think it really matters, you can’t really go wrong with flowers, right?

For the lining I chose a really soft cotton jersey, which feels really good. Shame that Luke didn’t really start sleeping in sleeping bags until he was about 7 months old and then this was already too small, but I’ve kept it for number two (as and when we decide to have number two :-)).

I think it’s a really good sleeping bag pattern and I think I’d probably make a bigger one again if I had more time, but alas, Luke is keeping me very busy!

I finished it off with a nice cream coloured binding, which worked perfectly.

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FO: Baby Socks

Is there anything more precious than tiny baby socks? Yes, probably a baby in tiny baby socks, but I only have socks for you today. Still I think these are a particular adorable pair.

This is a pair that I made for a colleague in the US, who had a little baby girl in March. I followed my own pattern and used some of my leftover stash (I love it when I can use some up for a project such as this). They’re really easy to knit and I believe I made them in one evening. They can be knitted so quickly as they’re so tiny.

I think the colour combination worked out really well, and while they might look a tad boyish, they are still pretty unisex.

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve certainly been busy knitting here on holiday, and I’m currently working on a pair of newborn socks.

I love knitting newborn sock as I can knit them so quickly, I can usually make a pair in an evening. It’s taking me a little bit longer here, but that’s because I’m keeping busy with other things, like for example going to the beach!

And here are some Aviatrix hats that I’ve knitted for charity and only have to finish off by sewing in the ends.

Excuse the terrible pictures, but I’ve not got my trusty Photoshop to rely on to touch them up a little bit :-).

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FO: Baby Bonnet

A tiny baby bonnet for a friend’s niece, which was knitted at some point during 2009 (I know, I know, another one of those). This is another pattern that I always keep coming back to, it’s easy to knit and I can normally manage it in one evening.

It was knitted out of Drops Safran as the baby was born in South Africa, so needed something that wasn’t too hot! I also am very fond of the colours and think they work really well. If you’re interested in knitting this bonnet, you can find the pattern here.

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 14th November

On the second leg, Singapore to Sydney.

Tuesday, 15th November

Lunch with Grandma.

Wednesday, 16th November

Day out.

Thursday, 17th November

View over Sydney, unfortunately it was raining that day.

Friday, 18th November

View from the air of Palm Beach (where Home and Away is filmed), on our way to Byron Bay.

Saturday, 19th November

Dinner at Le Petit Snail in Byron Bay, where Luke promptly fell asleep during dinner.

Sunday, 20th November

Barbecue breakfast, Anil is in heaven!

Inspired by Just Shell.