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Disconnected – Blogtoberfest: Day Twenty

I took some lovely pictures of freshly picked apples and quince that I was going to share with you, but the Internet at my Mum’s has decided to stop working today.

In order not to miss Blogtoberfest I’m blogging from my BlackBerry.

We’re enjoying this time at my Mum’s, it is quite cold and very windy, but very nice nonetheless. Luke is loving his Oma, he keeps looking out for her when she leaves the room, it’s very sweet. I’m managing to get some knitting done too, but have no pictures today.

Hopefully I’ll be back with Internet tomorrow!

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WIP Wednesday – Blogtoberfest: Day Nineteen

I’m very pleased that my scheduled post for yesterday went up without a hitch, I’ll definitely be using that feature again. We had a really good day travelling yesterday. The flight from London to Hanover went really well and our visit to my aunt was lovely. Luke, the champion, then proceeded to sleep the 2 hours 15 minutes to my Mum’s house…here’s hoping the return journey is equally easy! In the meantime, a quick picture of what I’m currently working on:

It’s a little dress made out of Drops Safran, for friends that have just had a baby girl. It’s a pattern from Garnstudio, and while the start was quite tedious, try working 420 stitches on circular needles. I’m now loving this pattern, the flounce at the bottom looks fantastic and there are more nice details to come at the top. So watch this space!

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Baby Hoodie/Coat – Blogtoberfest: Day Eighteen

As I knew I would be travelling today, I scheduled this post. This is the first time I have ever sccheduled a post, I might add. I made this coat/hoodie (an exact copy of the one Luke has) for an old colleague and friend of mine. She had a little girl recently and loved the coat on Luke and asked me to knit one for her little girl.

It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern, see Ravelry, and it’s a real joy to knit. Very straightforward, and straight pieces for that matter. I went with Debbie Bliss yarn as well and it feels very soft and luxurious.

I decided to go for red buttons to give the little coat that extra ‘ce ne se qua’.

I like how the hood falls, and I think it works very well when it’s being worn (wait for it, I promise there’s a baby pictured with it on in this post!)

The sleeves work well because the cuffs are turned up, which means that this will definitely fit for a while. In fact, Luke still wears his and he first started wearing it when he was around 3 or 4 months old.

I promised, didn’t I! Here’s a picture of little Sophia wearing it, isn’t she just adorable?

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Seven Little Moments – Blogtoberfest: Day Seventeen

Monday, 10th October

Playing Peekabo.

Tuesday, 11th October

Received Luke’s Bookstart package.


Wednesday, 12th October

Tots & Toast.

Thursday, 13th October

I’m keen to start a new sewing projects and this is some of the fabric I have in my stash…now just deciding what I could make. Any ideas?

Friday, 14th October

Happy Birthday, Blue Daisy.

Saturday, 15th October

Learning to knit!

Sunday, 16th October

Cheeky (and yes he’s wearing girly tights :-)).

I really liked this idea of seven little moments on Just Shell.

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Socks for Luke – Blogtoberfest: Day Fifteen

I managed to whip up a pair of socks for my little man in a couple of days last week. I realised that as it’s getting colder here he doesn’t have any woollen socks, and he desperately needs them. Before he was born I managed to make three pairs for him which he wore in rotation when it was a newborn. So, I followed the same pattern and made a bigger pair.

In fact, instead of making a 9-12 months size I decided to go for the 12-18 months. Mainly because Luke’s feet are quite big and I didn’t want him to outgrow them quickly, especially as he’ll probably be using them from now on until February time. And I’m glad I made the bigger size because they fit very well, and just have a little bit of room at the front.

The yarn I bought off Kate at The Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy, and it’s gorgeous. The colour works really well and it’s really nice to knit with. I started a second pair of socks straightaway as a Christmas present for my nephew with the same yarn. It’s called Cesana Sock Yarn and I got about 12 skeins from Kate, so you’ll be seeing more socks on here soon. Here’s Luke inspecting his new socks and I think he likes them!

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Newborn Mitts – Blogtoberfest: Day Thirteen

As the weather is getting colder I’m thinking about making Luke another pair of mitts. I say another pair as I originally made some for when he was born, one pair in red (made out of wool yarn) and one pair in green (made out of cotton yarn).

They’re knitted on double pointed needles and I pretty much made the pattern up, just judging the size by what I think it should be.

This time round I am thinking about a pair with thumbs, if I can find a nice pattern. Luke didn’t actually wear these two sets very often, only a couple of times when he was really little and when it was cold outside.

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WIP Wednesday – Blogtoberfest: Day Twelve

Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:

With the weather getting colder here I thought I’d knit some socks for Luke. This will be the first pair that he’ll have for the winter, I’m sure there’ll be more. I’ve got this great sock yarn, which I bought from the lovely Kate over at Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy. The pattern is just a straightforward sock pattern and it flies off the needles. I knitted one sock yesterday and was hoping to finish the other one today, but I have to actually do some work first, so it might have to wait until tomorrow.