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Seven Little Moments – Blogtoberfest: Day Thirtyone

Monday, 24th October

On the way to see the cows, with Oma.

Tuesday, 25th October

A break during the drive to the airport on the way home.

Wednesday, 26th October

Halloween party with Tots & Toast, Luke won first prize, thanks to his Papa buying the elf outfit.

Thursday, 27th October

It really is autumn!

Friday, 28th October

A visit to Camden Arts Centre.

Saturday, 29th October

Papa and Luke playing with a Tasmanian Devil.

Sunday, 30th October

Early morning reading.

I really liked this idea of seven little moments on Just Shell.

2 thoughts on “Seven Little Moments – Blogtoberfest: Day Thirtyone

  1. Oh what awesome photos …. I love the themes of nature that seem to come through in your photos … I’m a bit of a nature girl myself. Love taking photos of trees, plants, outdoors. The babies are so cute and your little one is just lovely. I too love the idea of seven little moments. It’s great to find little ideas everywhere for blogging.

  2. what a lovely week!
    i hope you decide to keep this tradition up even though blogtoberfest is over.
    i love luke’s costume! cutest elf ever!!

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