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Newborn Mitts – Blogtoberfest: Day Thirteen

As the weather is getting colder I’m thinking about making Luke another pair of mitts. I say another pair as I originally made some for when he was born, one pair in red (made out of wool yarn) and one pair in green (made out of cotton yarn).

They’re knitted on double pointed needles and I pretty much made the pattern up, just judging the size by what I think it should be.

This time round I am thinking about a pair with thumbs, if I can find a nice pattern. Luke didn’t actually wear these two sets very often, only a couple of times when he was really little and when it was cold outside.

2 thoughts on “Newborn Mitts – Blogtoberfest: Day Thirteen

  1. I would call these the sailing mittens, port and starbord

  2. very sweet – i could never get baby lily to keep her mittens on….

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