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Green with Envy – Blogtoberfest: Day Six

Here’s a little outfit that I blogged about in early February,  it was for my best friends little boy, who has featured on this blog already. It’s from a Burda Style pattern that I’ve sewed a couple of times, which is really easy to make. My friend, who’s staying with us for the next five days with her gorgeous little boy, Tom, was kind enough to send me some pictures of Tom wearing them.

And doesn’t he just look adorable in them? I’m really pleased with the colour and how the pockets make the forest green look even greener (can I say that?). Here’s another picture of the little man with his Grandma, Zita.

Did you also notice his little socks? They’re made by me as well.

It’s just a straightforward baby sock pattern and one that I’m going to be knitting again soon as I need to make some socks for Luke for the winter that is fast approaching and a couple for Christmas for some kids as well.

2 thoughts on “Green with Envy – Blogtoberfest: Day Six

  1. Tiny socks!! I only managed to knit one pair for Rose before she was born and regret not making more. Think I need to make amends right now! 😉

  2. oh it looks perfect on him!
    what a sweet little jumper! and the socks are perfect too! yay you!! 🙂

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