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Seven Little Moments – Blogtoberfest: Day Thirtyone

Monday, 24th October

On the way to see the cows, with Oma.

Tuesday, 25th October

A break during the drive to the airport on the way home.

Wednesday, 26th October

Halloween party with Tots & Toast, Luke won first prize, thanks to his Papa buying the elf outfit.

Thursday, 27th October

It really is autumn!

Friday, 28th October

A visit to Camden Arts Centre.

Saturday, 29th October

Papa and Luke playing with a Tasmanian Devil.

Sunday, 30th October

Early morning reading.

I really liked this idea of seven little moments on Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments – Blogtoberfest: Day Twentynine

Monday, 17th October

View over London from Primrose Hill.

Tuesday, 18th October

A sleeping Luke on the drive to Oma’s (my mum) in Germany.

Wednesday, 19th October

Helping to unpack.

Thursday, 20th October

Our picked apples.

Friday, 21st October

Autumn flowers.

Saturday, 22nd October

They call it ‘the elephant’s toilet’, the Panorama Museum in Bad Frankenhausen, Germany. Around the entire inside wall of the building is a huge painting (1700 m² in size) depicting the Peasants’ War (1524–26).

Sunday, 23rd October

Luke and Oma enjoying the autumn sunshine.

I really liked this idea of seven little moments on Just Shell.

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From a moving car – Blogtoberfest: Day Twentyfive

I write this post sitting in the taxi taking me, Luke and our luggage home from the airport. We had a really good drive from my Mum’s to the airport in Hanover in Germany, and Luke was happy almost all the way. He only started to get a little annoyed the last 10 minutes of a three hour journey.

I leave you with a picture from our stop at the services in Hildesheim (about 30 minutes from Hanover airport). Normal service will resume on here for the remaining days of Blogtoberfest tomorrow (I am rather pleased with myself that I haven’t missed a day yet!)