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Soft Quilt for Baby Prasad

Even though I’ve been making lots of knitted baby blankets in recent years, I also used to make smallish baby quilts. Although, I often don’t do any actual quilting, apart from some minor sections. I prefer to patchwork the top and then chose a nicely coloured piece of fabric for the bottom, then in the middle I use some wadding to make it nice and soft.

And even though I know that we’re having a little girl, I still decided to use a good selection of yellows, a nice red and green, with a nice pinkish bottom piece of fabric. It’s worked out well, and is nice and soft.

This quilt brings my collection of blankets to three, a woollen one, a cotton one and this one. I think I should probably stop making blankets now, but they’re nice and easy to knit/make and I love the idea of being able to chose very different colours.

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First Cardigan for Baby Prasad

This little cardigan is one I made for my little one quite a while ago, before I knew whether it was a boy or girl, hence the unisex colour.  Nonetheless, I think it’s a nice colour and the yarn means that the pattern on the front looks quite good. The pattern is one of the Garnstudio patterns, and it was lovely and easy to knit, especially as it was all knitted in one piece. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is at the start of their knitting career.

I’m always really pleased to find a new easy pattern that practically knits itself, especially if it turns out to be such a cute finished object. I used some yarn from my stash, and was pleased that I had enough left over to finish the cardigan. I particularly like the detail in the middle of the cardigan, with the moss stitch. And it was good to have some really nice mother of pearl buttons to finish it off.

I think I might even make some other versions of the cardigan, in bigger sizes and different colours.

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Fun Baby Leggings

Another item for baby Prasad, this time a pair of fun little leggings. I chose some left over yarn in a really fun yellow, red and orange. This is the front view. It was quite an easy knit as I knitted them like socks, but just longer.

I did think at one point that it might be a little warm for a little one, but as this one arrives in February it’ll probably be perfect for her.  Here’s the back view, it’s got quite a nice pattern, which is a result of the shaping for the legs.

I used one of the Garnstudio patterns, but can’t remember which one it was as I knitted it a couple of months ago.

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Jumpsuit for Baby Prasad

So here’s the first finished piece for baby Prasad. It’s a little jumpsuit that’s come from the guys over at Garnstudio. It was a really nice knit as it was knitted on double pointed needles, with really nice baby merino yarn.

I think the colour combination has worked out really well I think, especially as it’s not yet sure whether baby Prasad is a boy or girl yet, but who knows that might become apparent on 29. September. No matter though, the yellow and beige combination will work either way.

The top looks quite nice with the mixture of different stitches and it gives the jumpsuit a very nice finish. I do think it’s also going to be very nice and warm for the little one.

It was quite an easy knit, but it did take a while, maybe because it was such thin yarn. But it might have also helped that I wasn’t really rushing it. I’ve been knitting two things at one time for a change, I normally just try and stick to one piece at a time. But because the other item is a baby blanket, which always takes much, much longer, I like to knit something else at the same time so that I can finish something a little quicker.

Watch this space here, loads more things coming that are meant for baby Prasad.

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Booties Galore

I don’t really need to say too much here I think. Anyone who has a look at my blog even occasionally will have seen these before and will know that I’ve shared the pattern on here previously as well. If you’d like to receive a copy of it, just let me know.

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Bolero/Jacket in Grey

Another finished project, this time one for me. It’s rare that I actually make something for myself. Mostly, because it takes that much longer to finish it. I like the fact that baby clothes are much, much quicker. In the end it didn’t actually take that much longer, as it was such an easy knit. .It’s a really easy pattern from Garnstudio.

It calls for two Alpaca yarns and I actually liked the colour choice on the pattern, so I decided to use them. I think it’s worked out really well and it looks especially good when it’s on.

The nice thing about knitting this cardigan was the fact that it was all knitted in one piece. Thus avoiding any seams and it just makes it look that much smoother. I might even make another one in a different colour combination. Especially as it works really well over both long-sleeved, short-sleeved and tops without any sleeves.

I also managed to pick some really nice mother of pearl buttons that I found amongst my mother’s stash (she did actually give them to me), but I think they work really well. I thought they might be too small for the button holes, but they work perfectly.

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Green and Blue for a Boy

My blankets are still going down a storm, which is great as they’re such an easy knit. It’s just a shame that they take that little bit longer than small cardigans, jumpers or socks, especially socks.

I love being able to choose boy or girl colours, if I know what is expected. Especially, when they’re such strong colours as these ones.

I think I did go a little wrong in the length of one of the squares, but I managed to work it out when I was sewing them together, or at least I think I did.

There are a number of different stitches and combinations I’ve used in the past for these blankets, but I went with an easy one with a nice border and stockinette stitch throughout. The simplicity of it works well.

And of course, I finished it off with my favourite label.

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I know it’s been far too long since I last posted, and I’m ashamed that it has taken this long. It’s not because I haven’t been knitting, sewing or making anything, far from it. I’ve been very busy with all kinds of things. Cardigans, for myself, for babies; dresses, for myself, for my niece; socks, hats, you name it. But don’t you think that the fact that I have been making so many things should be even more reason for me to add them here? Well, some of the items I took pictures off have been lost, we were burgled three times at our last house (we have since moved) but this meant that all the pictures I had saved onto our computer, were lost. Nonetheless, there have been some new finished objects since which I will start adding here.

Let me start firstly with a little dress I made for my gorgeous niece Clara, who by the way will have a little sister or brother within the next month.

The pattern is one of the Burda baby range and it was really easy to finish. I made some slight adjustments to it while I was working on it, but I think it worked out really well. I think the fabric really suits the pattern and I actually like the fact that it’s girly, but not too much!

Little Clara was here with her parents in late June and we wanted to put her in the dress, but it was just slightly too cold to do so. It’ll be much better for her to wear it at home in Spain, where it’s much warmer at this time of year.

I didn’t use any interfacing in the little collar, even though it called for it. I don’t think it’s really necessary in a baby/toddler dress. After all it’s going to be much nicer on their little necks if it doesn’t have any interfacing, but maybe that’s just me?

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The Difference Between Continental and British Knitting?

I’ve always wondered about the differences between continental / German knitting (left-handed) and English knitting (right-handed). I was taught continental / German knitting (being German that obviously makes a lot of sense). It was only when I came to England in 1996 I noticed that there are other ways of knitting, including what seemed to me a rather more complicated way of knitting, which involved rather a lot of moving around.

Naively, I always believed that my way of knitting (German / continental) was quicker and much more time efficient. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that apparently it is, Wikipedia states: “Continental knitting is preferred by professional hand knitters, as it is the more efficient method, requiring the shortest number of specific hand-motions per stitch.” Over on Ackwood’s YouTube channel is a great video demonstrating the continental technique:  

English knitting on the other hand, according to Wikipedia is sometimes referred to as picking as “the yarn is held in the left hand and the motion of bringing the yarn forward with a needle held in the other hand” seems like picking it through. And over on LindsayLew’s YouTube channel a good example of British knitting:

I can’t say that I’ve ever tried using anything else than my German knitting technique, especially as it is so easy to learn. Just check out how easy it is in on TECHknitting. Now it would be interesting to hear what your thoughts are about the different kinds of knitting. Which one do you favour?

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Rainbow Booties

I’ve said to myself that I’m going to try and post more regularly. This might even involve writing about knitting in general, or sewing for that matter. I’ve been thinking about a couple of different things that I want to write about, particularly the difference between continental and British knitting. So look out for my post on that. In the meantime, here are some booties that I finished quite a while ago.

I made them so long ago I can’t even really remember anymore who they were for, but I am quite pleased with the colour combination and it works so well. For a little boy or girl.

It’s also great how the ribbed part shows the green in the knit stitch really nicely.

And remember I’ve written up the pattern, which you can find here. If you try them out I would love to see some pictures.