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Another Kind of Blanket

I completed this blanket a few weeks ago for my bosses nephew. I actually really like the material, it’s Silke Alpaca from Scandinavian Knitting Design, and while it was quite thick , it was incredibly soft.

Compared to my other baby blankets that I make this was easier and quicker to knit, as it was knitted in four separate parts. Also, the fact that it was so soft made it a real pleasure to work with. The colours were well chosen, especially as it was for a little boy.

I’ve got quite a few more things to add on here, but keep forgetting to do so during the week. At the same time I also have a whole lot more things to finish, especially some more blankets. So, look out for them here.

2 thoughts on “Another Kind of Blanket

  1. love the blanket, it’s absolutely beautiful!

  2. The blanket it beautiful! I can tell it’s going to be well loved! And I love the tag on the bag, very nice touch!

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