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Little Honey Bee

I made this little top quite a while ago, but have only been able to put it up now. It’s another pattern from my really old German knitting magazine and I’ve previously made it. The friend I made it for saw it on here and said she wanted it for her niece or nephew, in black and yellow stripes, like a little bee.
I made a few changes to it, for example I changed how I closed up the sides, which I think makes it look really nice. Also, I decided to use some cotton yarn as the baby is due this summer, and it shouldn’t be too hot in wool!
I’ve already given it to my friend and she really liked it, the baby should be due any day now, so we’ll see if it fits!
And of course I’ve been able to finish it off with one of my lovely labels.

5 thoughts on “Little Honey Bee

  1. Love this outfit…. reminds me of a bee! Soooo cute and the stitching is stunning! Also loving the new look for the blog – very cool 🙂 Looking forward to some more pieces in the coming months

  2. Hello, that’s a sweet little top. I can see from your blog you have a fondness for stripes, you’ve put together some great colour combinations. Those little bootees are gorgeous too, you are very clever and obviously very busy.

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Yes, I do like my stripes, I believe they can work well on any baby :-). I’ve been meaning to write up the pattern for the bootees for ages, but I can’t seem to find the time. I will endeavour to write it up this week!

      Thanks again for the lovely comment!

  3. Wow! Some lovely stripy wooliness. What lovely things you’ve made. Will pop back again to see what else you’ve made.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I like the sock blankie, it looks so nice! Glad to also discover your blog!

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