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Fingerless Glove for Warm Fingers

I finished these greyish coloured gloves for a friend and colleague some time ago, could have been before Christmas. The pattern is another great one from the folks over at Garnstudio.


The fingerless gloves were surprisingly easy to make. I remember making some gloves when I was at school and the fingers were particularly complicated. I might attempt gloves again, now that I know that they are not actually that difficult to make.


My friend chose to colour, which I think works really well, as it can be work with any other colour. I think they’ve worked out quite well and my friend really liked them. I’ve also made another pair for a friend for her birthday (pictures to come later) and I’m just finishing another pair in white that a friend is going to give to his mother.

I’ll try making some proper gloves, I’m sure there are some nice patterns on Garnstudio.


3 thoughts on “Fingerless Glove for Warm Fingers

  1. I want a pair! I can wear them in winter when the office freezes over but can still type!

    1. Well, why don’t you choose a colour and then I can make a pair for you!

  2. Black – to go with my hair…

    …ow no wait, my hairs not black anymore! ahhhh! *CRIES* :'(

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