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Trousers for Baby

I found the pattern for these trousers from Drops, I really like it. Although I do think they look a little funny, but I’m sure they will keep my niece/nephew warm and cosy.


I used three different kinds of wool and used them double, particularly as it would have made them too small otherwise. The colours changed at times as I swapped the three colours.


The knitting turned out to be quite tight, but I think it works out well.



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I tried another new pattern, this time a new version of a baby bonnet, I got it from Drops again.  I was trying to use some leftover wool again, I’m trying to do that a lot now, as I’ve just discovered a new site that has amazing wool:


Apparently the colours are the same as for the Australian cricket team, which I think is quite funny. The cords are also knitted, it’s really nice to be learning so many new things, I feel much more proficient in knitting now then ever before.


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Flowery Dress

I finally finished a dress that I started about 2 years ago. I wanted to finish it as we’re going to Australia and seeing some friends who had a baby girl in November, I think she’ll look absolutely gorgeous in it.


The colours have worked out really well, I especially like the green and yellow. The flower makes the dress that much cuter, don’t you think?

I’m not a 100% sure about the buttons, they’re a little bit on the heavy side, but I think once its on it’ll probably work very well.


They’re mother of pearl buttons, hence the shine. The pattern is out of a Burda magazine, but I can’t find it anymore, will have to dig deep in my box of patterns.


It was definitely a nice change from knitting, and I’ve got some more sewing projects planed now.


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Socks for Baby

I’ve knitted my fair share of adult socks before, but this is the first time that I tried my hand at some baby socks. I think they’ve turned out lovely.


I’m not going to find out whether my niece or nephew will be a boy or girl until its born, but I think the blue and green combination can work for either. I’m also going to look at making some more socks, as it makes it easy to use up all the leftover wool that doesn’t get used up normally.


It was the second time I had tried a Drops pattern and I have to admit, I’m very pleased with the result.