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Dungarees or Something Similar

Something new to add, I actually finished knitting these dungarees a little while ago. But it took me some time to sew in the zipper and then finish the piece.


I’m trying to use up some wool I bought a few years ago. I think the blue and red work very well together and I’m quite pleased with the finished dungarees.


Sewing in the zip was a little more difficult than I thought, but it worked out fine. I should have probably ironed the back, but I got a little carried away and just sewed it all together.


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Another Pair of Shorts

I finished these shorts that are from a book that my friend Lynda gave me: Debbie Bliss Essential Baby. It was the first time that I’ve worked with an English pattern, up until know I’ve been relying on my German patterns.


I’m really pleased with them, the colours have worked out very well. A friend has told me that these are Australian colours, which is kind of ironic, I think.


The shorts require you to sew in an elastic band at the top, which makes them even more useful. I’ve also learned a new way of sewing them together, which is less visible. I think it’s worked out very well.


I love the leg ending, it gives the little shorts that extra flourish.

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Warmest Cover for a Baby

It’s taken me a while to upload some more photos and projects, sorry about that. It’s mainly because the baby blanket took me a little longer. However, I’m very pleased with the result.


I think it’s worked out very well and I especially like the colour combination. I was a little worried about the colours, as I thought they would clash, but I’m really happy with the result.