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Pom Pom’s Are Fun

We’re invited to a first birthday party for the son of a friend of ours on Sunday, so I thought I’d make him a wooly hat. Especially helpful as it’s getting a little bit colder over here. I’ve taken loads of the rest bits of wool that I’ve got left over and randomly used them when knitting the hat.

I think the colours worked out really well. I’m also pleased to say that this time I didn’t actually use a pattern, but rather I made it up as I went along. It’s turned out ok, I think. But the true test will be on Sunday when the hat gets tried on.

As an added extra I made a pom pom, which was a little more challenging then I remembered, mainly because a few friends where giving me different ideas as to how to make pom poms…However, I found it easiest when I made them how I remembered, as you can see here.

But check out the finished product…what do you think? I’ll also try and get a picture of the hat on the baby’s head on Sunday!

1 thought on “Pom Pom’s Are Fun

  1. I remember you having this conversation about how to make the bauble! I’m so glad you did it ’round’ rather than ‘rectangular’.

    I liked to knit when I was younger. The hat looks so cute ^_^ Can’t wait for colder weather – a good excuse to wear cute warm clothes. 🙂

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