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FO’s: 9 Boleros

Earlier this year, in June, Milliemanu ordered some boleros from me.

I used this Sirdar pattern as a basis, but then made some pretty major amends to it. I have to say, I know why I like the DROPS patterns, they are just so well written, this one wasn’t at all.

DROPS like to make their patterns easy and without too much seaming, but this was the opposite. However, changing it to how I liked it, made it much more enjoyable.

I used double strands of DROPS BabyAlpacaSilk,. which made it a gorgeously soft and scrumptious finished object. So, here are pictures of the nine boleros.

Bolero One

Bolero Two

Bolero Three

Bolero Four

Bolero Five

Bolero Six

Bolero Seven

Bolero Eight

Bolero Nine