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Another Amazing Parcel from Australia

The lovely Roberta from Rowantree Design sent Luke another amazing parcel from Australia. It arrived last week and I managed to take some pictures of the gorgeous shirts that were in that parcel. They’re just so amazingly adorable and I can’t wait for Luke to wear both of them. The first one is a gorgeous retro long-sleeved shirt.

I love this design and I think Roberta is a genius for creating such amazing clothes. She also adds amazing details, like this little gem on the side of the pocket.

And the second shirt is a gorgeous and sophisticated blue with tiny polkadots, another winner.

And as I’m working on getting myself set up better, I’m inspired by Roberta’s label and everything else she includes with her pieces.

And what about this adorable little added tag?

And last but not least Roberta also included a gorgeous silk scarf for me…which I love!



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FO: Grey Chic Socks

I finished the socks for the lovely Roberta at Rowantree Design on Friday and promptly posted them  off to Australia for her. I wanted to make sure to send them before our 4 day Diamond Jubilee weekend.

This is the pattern I always use and it’s really easy and straight forward, it’s just a certain number of stitches depending on the shoe size and then it knits up nicely.

I’m sure Roberta will love the socks and I do hope that they’ll keep her feet very warm in the Australian winter.

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WIP Wednesday

After my night off knitting I can show you quite a lot of progress on another purple cardigan. This is one an old friend from the boarding school I went to, ordered for her niece who has a birthday coming up in March.

This is the same pattern of the cardigan I knitted for gorgeous Isla, apart from the front where a moss stitch pattern is added on each front band, apart from that it’s all garter stitch.

It’s really easy to knit, and even though I might be becoming a little too predictable, it’s another DROPS pattern.

Now, I have to put another update on here. The lovely Roberta from Rowantree Design saw Luke’s waistcoat and ordered one from me for her grandson Rowan (the cutest little boy ever). We’ve decided to do a straight swap. Roberta designs the most beautiful baby and toddler clothes (all sewn in Australia) and she’s sending me a little romper for Luke. However, I’ve been really struggeling getting the right colour yarn for this waistcoat, but it finally arrived in the post today and I’m sooo excited to be able to start on the waistcoat when this cardigan is finished.