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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 28th May

At our new German group: ‘Kleine Piraten = little pirates”

Tuesday, 29th May

My new herb garden, which was the pond originally, and our first tomatoes.

Wednesday, 30th May

Borrowing someone elses pram.

Thursday, 31st May

Now playing with his own pram.

Friday, 1st June

My gorgeous boy enjoying the last sunshine before the long weekend.

Saturday, 2nd June

Out with Papa for the first day of the Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Sunday, 3rd June

Some gorgeous roses from the front of our house.

Inspired by Just Shell.

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Seven Little Moments

Disclaimer: lots of Luke photos this week!

Monday, 6th February

Look at that face!

Tuesday, 7th February

New sleeping position…

Wednesday, 8th February

Seeing Kelly and Myron makes a happy little Luke.

Thursday, 9th February

Helping Mama to pack.

Friday, 10th February

Loving his pear.

Saturday, 11th February

Some packing done!

Sunday, 12th February

Out for a walk with Papa.

Inspired by Just Shell.