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Socks Galore

I’ve knitted my fair share of socks in my life, strangely enough I don’t often take pictures of each pair. But trust me there have been lots.

This is a very large pair and socks, as many of you will know, can be made in all sizes. However, I’ve not yet made a baby or toddler pair of socks, maybe it should be one of my next projects?

Now, I’m currently working on a few different things: a shirt for my friend (he’s been waiting for this for about a year or so), a baby cardigan (knitted) and a little dress (sewn). I’ll put them all up as soon as I’m done. In the meantime I’ll make sure all the stuff that I’ve previously made gets added on here!

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These booties are not made for walking!

These kinds of boots have seen many baby feet. I like to knit them for pretty much anyone that is having a baby, as they are very easy to make. The choices of colour combinations are also quite inspiring, as no two every look the same.

I am usually able to knit one pair in one night in front of the TV. Strangely enough I find I knit quicker when I’m not actually looking at my knitting, apart from when I absolutely have to, what’s with that?

When I first started knitting these booties about 12 or 13 years ago, the pattern came from a German magazine that had many patterns of baby clothes. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name, as I have used it so much that the front cover of the magazine has disappeared.

I have over the years made some minor changes to the pattern and have personalised it a little bit. Overall it is an easy knit that makes a very nice present!