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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

A friend from my mother’s group in North London, where we lived in Luke’s first year, had a little boy last December. She asked me to make her a hat and bootie combo in some lovely bright colours.

I went with my favourite go-to bootie pattern, Saartjes Bootees.

And my favourite go-to hat pattern. I love these vibrant colours, I’m not a huge fan of pastels for babies…I think any baby looks great in colour.

AS 7

And doesn’t he just look adorable in them?

AS 8 AS 9

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FO: Cable Hat for Myself

Earlier this year I knitted myself another hat. You might remember me posting about my first hat here, which was back in 2012. I really do like my dark purple hat, but it’s just not warm enough when it gets cold and windy here, so I decided on a thicker one with a nice cable pattern, of course another DROPS pattern.


As I have a dark purple winter coat and a bright pink parka I thought this light purple/lilac would work well. I actually love this colour, ever since I used it to knit some gloves for a swap.


I love the cables on this hat and how they create this gorgeous crown…just a shame that when I wear it I can’t really see it.

Here are some shots of me wearing the hat:

IMG_4763 IMG_4762 1

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FO: Quick Hat for my Husband

Continuing with my posting in alphabetical order, here’s a hat I knitted for my husband for Christmas.

It’s one of the more boring FOs I have made, but the pattern is nice and quick. I used DROPS Merino Extra Fine in a dark brown, so that me husband can wear it with pretty much anything. And he likes it, which is a bonus. So, without further ado, here are some pictures.

AP 12 AP 13 AP 14


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FO: Hat and Bootie Combo

I am in quite a fortunate position that I have over 50 FO’s to post about, but I just can’t decide which ones to go with first. So, I’ve decided to post them in alphabetical order (that is the alphabetical order of the recipients).

You’ll notice there will be lots of hat and bootie combo’s or just booties, but after all they’re the easiest and fastest things to knit as gifts. So, without further ado, here’s another combo for a friend from my mummy group in North London. She wasn’t actually a mummy back then, but just recently had the most gorgeous little girl.

AG-O 1 AG-O 2 AG-O 3

So I knitted this hat. And as I knew that she was having a girl I was able to pick some bright red and pink. And I made the ever quick Saartjes Bootees.

AG-O 7 AG-O 6 AG-O 5 AG-O 4

And my friend loves them. Her daughter is gorgeous and still too little for both, but I’ve been promised a picture when she is able to wear both the hat and the booties.

AG-O 8

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FO Friday: Cardigan for my Niece

Back in November last year, after seeing my brother and his family in October, I was asked to knit another cardigan for my niece. I love it when I get requests like this from my family, especially as I’ve knitted quite a lot for my niece in the last five years. On that note, I can’t believe she’s already five.

CG 67 CG 72

I used this DROPS pattern, and my brother and his wife decided on the colour combination. I was meant to do the stripes in more random spots, but somehow they ended up like this. I actually like it, it gives it a certain geometry.

CG 69 CG 70

It’s a nice easy pattern that calls for stockinette stitch for most of the body and then goes into garter stitch for the yoke. I’ve done the ribs in the cerise and I think they add a nice little accent.

CG 71 CG 68

The buttons were ordered from TextileGarden, my favourite online button store. The choice there is just fantastic. I had one set of buttons and then added one of a slightly different colour as the first button…again it just adds a little something.

CG 73

My brother, his wife and my niece were very happy with the cardigan. The sleeves are still a bit long, but I did that on purpose, so that she could grow into it.

CG 74

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Late WIP Wednesday

I know, I know I am a day late with my WIP Wednesday. I meant to post it yesterday and I had taken the pictures for it, but I got busy seeing a friend for dinner…so didn’t have the time. I know I mentioned that I was going to be knitting something for myself, well here is a sneak preview. I am working on this cardigan for myself.

21.05.14 1

I am LOVING the colour. I do love the pattern, but it seems to be taking me ages to finish it. It could also be because I am not getting as much time as I used to for knitting. But, I only have the second front to finish and the two sleeves, so with it being a long weekend here in the UK I might get it done.

21.05.14 2

I also wanted to show you guys my new knitting basket that I got from a friend who moved back to Germany recently. It’s gorgeous, and her grandfather actually made it. And it means that when I have kids here during the day I can just put everything in my basket and put it high up on our shelf.

21.05.14 3


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FO: Fingerless Mittens

Earlier in the year I made two pairs of fingerless mittens from two of my very good friends, they both had birthdays in January/February. Here I am posting about the first pair.

Of course I am Mrs. Predictable, and I used a DROPS pattern, but this one is one I’ve not knitted before. And I loved it, it calls for DROPS Alpaca and DROPS Kid-Silk, which meant the finished mittens were sturdy but really, really soft and smooth.

BH 1

I picked some colours that I knew my friend would like and to be honest the pictures don’t really show them. I used a very light green and an off white.

BH 2

The pattern itself was great it was just the repetition of one little pattern and it worked a treat.

BH 3

And for some action shots I roped in my husband who managed to get some amazing shots when the sun was streaming through our window into the dining room.

BH 4 BH 5 BH 6 BH 7 BH 8