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FO: Kid Gloves

Milliemanu ordered some kid gloves in pink last year, which I managed to knit in November in a couple of days.

They’re a nice and easy glove pattern, I had only knit adult gloves before, and mainly mittens for kids. This meant that each of the fingers were a bit of a challenge, but in the end they worked out well.

CR 181

There’s not really that much more to say about them.

CR 182 CR 183

They were made to match one of the hats I posted about last week.

CR 184

One thought on “FO: Kid Gloves

  1. they’re lovely!
    i’ve never knit gloves… the thought of knitting 10 fingers is just too much for me to handle! i applaud and am in awe of anyone who knits gloves! you rock!!

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