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WIP Wednesday

I’ve had to finish off some work today, so just took a pretty crappy picture of my work on progress:

This is the vest I started off last week for Luke. I’ve still not managed to finish it, but I am very close. I made a mistake on the back piece and had to undo some rows again. No biggie, but a little annoying. I’ve been busy otherwise, preparing for our upcoming trip to Australia. We’re leaving on Saturday and are very excited.

I’ve loved knitting this vest and I’m in love with cables now, I think I’ll probably be knitting lots more cables, now that I know how easy they are.

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FO: Booties

I’ve had a look through a huge number of pictures of FOs that I’ve finished over the last year or two years. I think I’ll start scheduling some of them for when we’re in Australia. At least then I know that there’ll be content going up on the blog and I don’t need to worry about it. In the meantime, here’s a pair of booties that I made for a friend who wanted to gift it to a colleague.

This is my pattern and its still my go to pattern for a quick knit that can be finished in an evening (pretty much). If you’d like to get hold of the pattern, let me know or have a look on Ravelry.

I’ve had a quick look and 454 people have favoured it on Ravelry that’s pretty good isn’t it?

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 31st October

Playdate with Sophia, thanks Heidy for the lovely time and gorgeous lunch!

Tuesday, 1st November

On the train to see the Osteopath at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Wednesday, 2nd November

Do you think this might be a Banksy? In West Hampstead?

Thursday, 3rd November

Gorgeous roses, the last for this year?

Friday, 4th November

Playdate with Myron.

Saturday, 5th November

Lunch at Chris’ in Kingston, and Luke gets to play with a saucepan.

Sunday, 6th November

Playtime with Papa!

Inspired by Just Shell.

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FO: Newborn Hat

Here’s a little newborn hat I knitted early this year, it think it was around January time. I made it for a colleague from mine in the US, who had a little baby girl in March.

It’s a straightforward pattern that I pretty much made up. I knitted it on double pointed needles and if I remember correctly I made it in one evening. I think the top looks really cute and is finished off nicely.

It was well received as well, but unfortunately I haven’t got a picture of the little one wearing it.

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FO: Aviatrix Hat

As it’s getting much colder here I thought I’d knit Luke another little hat. And again, I seemed to grab some left over green yarn and decided to knit the Aviatrix hat that’s available on Ravelry.

I really like the pattern, although when I initially looked at it I was really worried that it would be really complicatet. However, it’s really well written and the instructions are straightforward to follow.

I knitted the size for 12 months, but I think I picked the wrong yarn, as it’s quite snug on Luke. I’ve got some red yarn set aside to knit another one when we come back from Australia. Oh yes, by the way, we’re going to Australia in just a little over a week :-).

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WIP Wednesday

I’ve got a confession to make, I’ve never knitted cables. Actually, I’ve never knitted cables until today! I just can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to give them a try. I was always under the impression that they would be really complicated to knit, not sure why. That brings me nicely onto my current WIP:

Today I started a little cable vest for Luke and it’s the first time in a while that I’ve chosen another colour than green. The blue is really nice and I love how the cables are turning out…pretty impressive for my first ones. Or maybe I’m just being silly?

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FO: Flouncy Dress

I finished this little dress when I was in Germany with my Mum, I know I’ve given you some teasers. Here, finally, is the finished piece.

This little dress is for friends of ours (but it’s a surprise yet, so I can’t reveal who they are). It’s such a neat pattern, and I especially like the flouncy skirt, it’s a pattern from Garnstudio. The pattern actually calls for a different yarn, but I decide to go with Drops Safran, as I had some left over in my stash and I wanted the dress quite airy and for hot weather.

The pattern is really, really nice to knit, and it has such great details, the skirt and the top just come together so nicely. I love the double moss stitch of the top, it just makes it look so adorable!

I didn’t exactly pick the colours, but rather used three skeins of yarn that I had left over. I actually think the colours worked out really well! I love the little pink skirt and then the turquoise body part just works really well and the yellow ties it off very nicely!