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This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.   A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

Playing along with soule mama.

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FO: Booties (Baby Tom Wearing Them)

Another set of my baby booties, this time for my best friends baby Tom (by the way he’s not a tiny baby anymore, he’s 2 months younger than Luke, so currently he’s 7 months old).

These are my go-to booties when I need something really quick to knit. I can normally whip them up in an evening and I can use any of my leftover stash, which is very handy!

I also like the fact that any yarn thickness and any colour combination works for them, it makes them very enjoyable to knit.

And, as promised, here’s a picture of little Tom wearing them. I believe he’s just a day or a couple of days old and in the arms of his Papa, isn’t he adorable (the baby, not the Dad :-)).

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WIP Wednesday

Excuse the terrible picture of my WIP, it’s an Aviatrix hat that I started this morning.

I’m using some leftover purple yarn that I’ve had for a while and I’m making this hat for charity. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’d write more, but I’m suffering badly from jetlag and so will try to get some sleep now.

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FO: Blanket

Another FO from my collection from the last couple of years. If I remember correctly I finished this in 2009 (my, my that’s a while ago isn’t it?). I’m just a tad embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to put it up, but it also means that I have a nice collection of pieces to fall back on when I need to!

This is a blanket I made for a friend, in fact we’re actually staying with her and her husband in Sydney at the moment. She asked me to make two blankets for her, one for her and one for her brother. They’re not for any particular babies, but rather because she liked them so much when she saw me make them for someone else.

I actually remember the day my friend and I were picking the colours for this blanket. She was quites sure about her choices, but then changed her mind quite a few times, which I thought was rather funny. I do like the choices she’s come up with.

I knitted this with a combination of moss stitch and stockinette stitch and I think it worked out really well! And this was the time I also sewed in my labels, and I do actually think that’s something I need to go back to, but maybe I need to make the label shorter…what do you think?

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Seven Little Moments

Monday, 7th November

Poor little sick boy.

Tuesday, 8th November

Treats from Roni’s Bagel Bakery on West End Lane.

Wednesday, 9th November

Enjoying his box of toys.

Thursday, 10th November

Potassium bath, how cool does that look?

Friday, 11th November

Sleeping beauty.

Saturday, 12th November
At Heathrow, on the way to Sydney, via Singapore.
Sunday, 13th November
Dinner with my friend Chris in Singapore.
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FO: Bonnet (My 150th Post)

Can you believe it that this is my 150th post? I can’t believe it and I think the fact that I took part in Blogtoberfest and have somehow stuck to posting every day since has really made the difference here. And I love it. I’m getting lots of comments from you lovely readers out there and I’ve had 11,259 visits to date, I think that’s pretty cool!

So, for my 150th post I’ve got an FO to share with you that I finished last year. It was for good friends of ours in Singapore who we’re actually going to see on our way back from Australia in early December. They had a little baby girl about a month after we had Luke.

The pattern, you guessed it, is from Garnstudio. And it’s one I’ve knitted a couple of times since, including one for Luke, which I’ll show you another time. I decided to go with Drops Safran (a cotton yarn) as it’s incredibly hot and humid in Singapore (as you might know if you’ve ever been there).

While I picked the colours I was given a range of shades that my friend wanted. I think they work really well together and make a really pretty combination. I love the effect at the back and I think it finishes off this bonnet really nicely, it’s just so pretty!

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FO: Woollen Trousers

Here’s another finished piece that I made about a year and a half ago. I can’t even remember exactly I got the pattern, but I think it might have been out of my Debbie Bliss book.

What I do remember is that I was able to use a lot of my leftover Drops Karisma yarn, and I was lucky to have enough blue yarn left to make these trousers, and a cardigan, which I thought I’d blogged about before, but I can’t seem to find it.

As far as I can remember it was a really nice and easy knit and they were knit up relatively quickly.

And here’s a picture with the cardigan. This ensemble was knit for a friend who had a baby last year in September, but their little munchkin was too big to fit into it unfortunately. Or rather, but the time it got cold enough to wear it, he was arleady too big.